CTT announce the acquisition of the entire capital of Mailtec

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CTT announced the acquisition of the entire capital of Mailtec, a company in which they already held a stake. In a statement, the Correios explained that the business is part of the «strategic objective of occupying a strong position in the finishing to reinforce the core business postal «.

The document adds that CTT’s strategic objective is to become a «powerful multi-service platform», with the capacity to serve and bridge the gap between citizens, public administration and companies.

In the specific case of Mailtec, the company intends to promote the development of new business areas in the electronic communications segment, which allow them to offer their users more modern and technologically innovative services.

Mailtec was already responsible for the enveloping and final handling of correspondence for some of CTT’s major customers. THE holding this company has control over several companies operating in the areas of «information technology» mailing, printing, mail preparation; document production, acquisition and management; computer consulting and programming in the field of printing formatting solutions; marketing information integration solutions «, details a note from the Competition Authority where it is also said that the company provides services» in the area of ​​postal electronic mail or hybrid mail «.

On the regulator’s website, it is still possible to notice that recently (in April) Mailtec acquired Equipreste. This company provided services in the areas of processing and preparing credit card bills, processing and mailing.

The acquisition of Mailtec was announced yesterday, on the CTT website, but the operation had already been notified to the Competition Authority in May.

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