CTOs preferential targets for dismissal?

CTOs preferential targets for dismissal?

The forecasts of the president of the Institute of Information Security Professionals for the coming months do not predict a good scenario for the sector.

The official, who is also IBM’s staff in this area, believes that the redundancies will start to appear.

Nick Coleman, who spoke today at the organization’s annual conference in Madrid, recalls that the crisis in the markets has already led to the postponement of several projects.

For the specialist, this fact, coupled with some overcapacity of this type of resources in companies, will necessarily lead to adjustments and put CTOs at risk in companies that have to initiate cost cutting plans.

«Structural changes will happen in the information security market in the next 18 months», believes the official mentioned by Vnunet.

«Everyone has seen the credit crisis.

There is also overcapacity in the information security market.

There will be people looking for jobs and there will be cost pressures,» adds Coleman, who sees the situation as an incentive for strengthening companies’ commitment to remote work.

Nick Coleman’s pessimistic speech served in the end to make a call for unity with the CTOs present.

The official believes that the class should make an additional effort to ensure that their superiors clearly understand the importance of the role and feel that they cannot abdicate it.