Crytek will support Linux in next version of CryEngine

CryTek announces that next release of CryEngine will have Linux support

Crysis on Linux, now go?

The fourth version of CryEngine developed by CryTek winning version for Linux, the decision was heavily influenced by Steam Machines and Valve.

cryengine-on-linux Second the source, :

"The fourth generation of CryEngine is being used in a number of games under development, such as Evolve, Homefront 2 and Star Citizen. It is also used in Ryse: Son of Rome, one of the Xbox One launch games. Newly announced Linux support It doesn't necessarily mean that there is a Steam Machines version of these games, but it can at least open the door to it in the future. "

Well, it's not guaranteed that we can have Crysis on Linux natively, but that means it's possible.

If you're kind of floating in the news, CryTek is a technology company focused on the gaming market, it's the producer of one of the best Engines in the world, Cry Engine, responsible for beautiful graphics in many games. and with extreme physics quality.

Here are some HD images made with Cry Engine:

With CryEngine on Linux game developers for the Penguin system will have a huge boost to build an increasingly stronger Linux Gamer market!

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