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CryEngine on Linux?

Playing Crysis on Linux may not be that far away

How about playing Crysis on Linux?

The games were the highlight of this year, with big companies invested in our platform, Valve bringing Steam, EA bringing their first Games, and now a news that made me very excited and that will surely cheer a lot more people came from It is a website specializing in Ubuntu on gringa reporting that CryTek, the company responsible for the excellent CryEngine and games like Crysis 2 and Far Cry would be interested in porting their Games to Linux.

According to the information, the challenge would be to port the games that are made especially for Direct X to OpenGL, CryTek has already stated that all their servers run Linux and they have already gained years of stability because of them, so it would be fair to help develop the platform.

The coming of CryEngine for Linux would have unbelievable consequences in the Linux Games market, where once was a niche, could become very productive.

If you already have a user drooling over the Unity 3D engine, imagine when we can have fun with CryEngine 3 quality games than the best engine in the world.

Of course, no dates and no deadlines have been set, but we can still dream, can't we?

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