Critical Software and IT develop technology to improve maritime safety in the EU

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Critical Software o and Instituto de Telecomunicações will develop a technology that will allow the identification and classification of ships «through a new generation of high resolution satellite images», explain the entities in a statement.

The project will serve to create new mechanisms for the control of the European Union’s external border, within the scope of the European Border Control Agency, FRONTEX. The public / private partnership is funded by the Innovation Agency «with the purpose of enhancing the existing collaboration between institutions and Portuguese industry in the strategic field of remote sensing with satellite images», adds the statement.

Critical Software explains that there are already some maritime control services based on satellite data, but adds that they still do not allow a high quality detection on the size and characteristics of the ships.

The system that the Coimbra company will develop in partnership with the Telecommunications Institute will use the TerraSAR-X satellite «which supports a high-powered SAR sensor, capable of unprecedented spatial resolution».

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