Critical security flaw detected in iTunes affects Windows users

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Security firm eEye has identified a critical security flaw in some versions of Apple’s popular music service, iTunes. According to the alert, the failure affects users of the service with Windows operating system and allows to carry out an attack remotely, taking control of the affected machines.

Steve Manzuik, eEye’s product manager, details that the flaw allows an attacker to remotely launch arbitrary code when the user clicks on a website or opens a email malicious, quotes C | Net.

The failure was detected in version 6 of software Apple, which has recently undergone an update that does not address the problem. The security company has also managed to realize that the failure in Windows systems manifests itself not only in version 6, but also in previous versions.

The company is now investigating the possibility of the vulnerability also affecting other operating systems. In the first eEye security warning, the company said that the flaw affected all operating systems, incorrect information that has already been updated by the company.

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