Critical Links takes edgeBox to the SoHO market

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Critical Links announced the launch of a new version of the edgeBox, aimed at the SoHo market (Small and Home Offices). This new version of the Portuguese company’s multi-service communications solution is aimed at organizations with up to 10 employees

In this SoHo version, the solution includes VoIP / IP-PBX; VPN and security, email server, web and printer and routing functions with quality of service, in addition to backup and a Wi-Fi hotspot, Critical explains in a statement.

The company also adds that the base solution can gain additional functionality with the edgePACK’s content management and collaboration tools packages.

It should be remembered that in the middle of last year the company adjusted its multi-service offer to a universe of smaller companies. At the time it launched a version of the product designed for 10 users, although scalable up to 300.