Critical Links guarantees funding of 2.6 million euros

Critical Links guarantees funding of 2.6 million euros

Critical Links announced that it had obtained a financing of 2.6 million euros from current investors and two venture capitals, which join the group of owners of the company, BCP Capital and CGD Capital.

In a statement, the company – from the Critical Software group – explains that the capital increase will serve to help strengthen the company’s position in the managed services market for SMEs and in the «market for integrated IT and communications platforms for a new generation of schools».

The most well-known solution in the Critical-Links portfolio is the edgeBox, which integrates voice, data and security services for small and medium businesses, in a single box.

It is this same solution that the company adapted to the universe of education through edgeBOX Classroom Server and edgeBOX School Server.

The platforms offer communication, collaboration and administration capabilities for universes of 100 and 1000 students.

The solution was, moreover, chosen by the Ministry of Education to «support the communications infrastructure, including services and users, of the local networks of more than 1220 Portuguese schools», within the scope of the international competition held for the purpose last year, recalls the company.