Critical flaw in IE already patched

Critical flaw in IE already patched

As it announced, Microsoft broke the Patch Tuesday publishing cycle to release a fix for the critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer that was at the root of Chinese attacks on Google.

The Internet giant calls on users to apply the update to the browser “as soon as possible”.

As in other situations, those who have activated the automatic update system will not be required to take any action regarding this correction.

The update requires reboot the computer.

At the post placed on blog Security Response Center reports that the update now available was planned for Microsoft’s next monthly security bulletin.

A few days ago, in the same blog, Microsoft announced that it would release the patch outside the Patch Tuesday publishing cycle “given the significant level of attention the problem generated, the confusion about what consumers can do to protect themselves and the intensification of the threat,” wrote George Stathakopoulos.

The vulnerability in Internet Explorer brought some discomfort to the computer giant, after admitting last week that the flaw was at the root of the Chinese attack on Google’s email service accounts.

Dissatisfied with Microsoft’s response to the problem, Germany, France and Australia even advised against using the browser.

The abandonment recommendations will have indeed benefited the competition.

While Mozilla reveals that it has seen a “sharp increase” in Firefox downloads in Germany, the Norwegian Opera confirms that its browser downloads have doubled from normal levels last weekend, in addition to posting a 40 percent growth in orders from Australia.