Critical flaw fixed in IE 6 causes problems in testing version 7 of the software

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THE patch security released by Microsoft last Tuesday, aimed at Internet Explorer, generated problems with users of the new version of the operating system, still in tests only for a restricted group.

Microsoft has reported complaints about three different situations: browser block immediately after it starts operating, the space intended to show links pages visited is blank or the fact that several windows are automatically opened simultaneously when the browser starts, says Jeremy Dallman, manager for Internet Explorer security, cited by C | Net.

In the same information, the official explains that the problems detected by users in version 7 of browser it affects only those that were previously supported by version 6 of IE and that updated it on Tuesday, due to dual configuration issues.

When installing version 7 of browser it generates an incorrect configuration key for the Windows Registry, which results from changes to the previous version of software introduced by last Tuesday’s correction.

The solution to the problem, says the person in charge of Microsoft, can therefore be achieved if the user deletes the incorrect key in the Windows Registry, a vital part of the operating system that manages the PC’s settings.

Remember that the final version of IE 7 should arrive commercially in stores in March next year, taking into account the latest forecasts advanced by Microsoft.

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