Critical flaw affects Apple’s Safari

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THE browser MacOS X operating system includes an error that allows remote third-party access to computers affected by the vulnerability. Secunia warns that the flaw affects version 10.4.8 of software although, it is possible that older editions suffer from the same problem.

The security company says the error is considered critical, especially given that many of the users of Apple’s operating system, believe in the potential protection offered by the company’s products.

Secunia points out that the flaw can be exploited if users activate the «open safe«, which opens the files after download. To prevent exploit of the vulnerability the company advises to deactivate the functionality «since it is never safe to automatically open a downloaded file».

In the last year, computer security experts have analyzed the code for the «open safe«and came to the conclusion that Apple never got around to fixing the existing flaw in the system. Even so, in March last year, Steve Jobs’ company launched a validation tool that alerted users that the downloaded content might be malicious.

However, the creation of seemingly secure files allowed hackers bypass the system and enter the affected systems illegally.

Apple says that security is a major factor in the company and that it always takes into account the feedback of possible vulnerabilities detected in your products.

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