Crisis will have little impact on the national IT market

Crisis will have little impact on the national IT market

The impact of the recession in the IT sector will be less in Portugal than in other European markets, namely in the sector of computer security. The forecasts were presented this Thursday by Eric Domage, from IDC France, at the ICT Security event, which takes place in Lisbon.

Even with the economic crisis, 50 percent of companies operating in Portugal intend to intensify their investments in computer security during this year, according to the study «IT Security – Survey and forecasts, 2007-2012». The same analysis shows that 17 percent of organizations securely spend more than 10 percent of the information technology budget.

The growth trend of investment in computer security is registered at a global level, and particularly in Europe, according to IDC, with a slowdown in the growth rhythm being predicted. «We are going to see a slowdown in investment, not negative growth,» said Eric Domage.

Portugal will be «almost safe» from the impact of the global crisis that will affect the IT sector, in the opinion of the head of IDC. «If you feel, the damage will occur more at the level of software«, he referred to the event’s margin to TeK.

Among the aspects that justify the forecasts is the lack of maturity in the Portuguese market, where services for the security area still have a lot to grow, and the fact that the Government is investing heavily in this sector.

Announced trends and challenges

In 2009 the shift to services it will gain consistency in the computer security market, such as virtualization, which is attractive in times of crisis because of the cost savings it can provide, but which in turn can add new security issues to existing ones.

«Virtualization has to be well thought out, and it shouldn’t be done by all companies,» advises Eric Domage.

Regulation and the emergence of new viruses present challenges to those responsible for computer security in a company, but the real threat will lie with the user. «The user will be the main threat to the security of companies, particularly ‘executives’: because they can do what they want, having access to more information».

Following his theory, the IDC consultant also warns of the possible appearance of a new generation of hackers: that of former employees frustrated with their dismissal.