Crisis strikes PC market in 2009

Crisis strikes PC market in 2009

PC sales next year will slow the pace of growth in units and fall in value. The forecast is from IDC, which reviews the estimates made in the middle of the year, even pointing to a decrease in sales to the United States, the first since 2001.

The company had already anticipated that global spending on technology would be affected by the crisis next year, now it adds that PC sales are not expected to grow by 3.8 percent more in 2009 and that the value of those sales should represent a drop of 5, 3 percent compared to this year.

In the second quarter of this year, the company predicted that PC sales in 2009 would increase 13.7 percent in units and 4.5 percent in value.

A number of factors contribute to the review, namely the loss of dollar value and the difficulties of access to credit by consumers and retailers, which in the emerging markets has the effect of significantly slowing the pace of sales that had been supporting the global growth of the market .

For the United States, IDC even foresees a decrease in sales, pointed out as the first since 2001. The estimate is a decrease of 3 percent. The Asian market will be the most promising in terms of sales, excluding Japan.

In the IDC forecasts, the highlight is the positive evolution of notebook sales. This segment is expected to grow 15.2 percent, while desktop sales will decline 6.7 percent.