Crisis reaches e-commerce

CyberMonday enters the 2nd edition

The global economic crisis begins to have an effect on trade online.

A study by Media in Retail Group in partnership with Capgemini indicates that sales on the Internet during the month of September have slowed down.

According to the analysis, in the same month, there was a 14.8 percent increase in e-commerce spending compared to 2007, a significant drop considering that last year, compared to 2006, the growth was 73.2 Percent.

September was the third consecutive month in which the growth variation compared to the previous year was below 20 percent.

However, even with a significant drop compared to last year, sales in the order of US $ 8.6 billion were registered in September.

Among the most sold goods, there are articles of clothing, footwear and accessories.

Mike Petevinos, a consultant at Capgemini, says that despite the crisis and less positive results, the Internet remains one of the channels most sought by consumers looking for more competitive prices.