Crisis forces rethinking telecommunications strategy

Oni enters Spain by the end of the year

The Yankee Group published its forecasts for 2009 in a study explaining that the financial crisis will force consumers to change their adoption models to new technologies. On the other hand, according to the analysis, suppliers will face new challenges, which will force them to rethink their offers and market strategies.

In a statement, the consultant stresses that the new economic environment will lead telecommunications companies, belonging to a sector «known to change slowly». they also have to rethink their consumption of investments and expenses in order to survive.

According to the Yankee Group, throughout 2009, the crisis will lead to a paradigm shift, forcing end consumers to abandon the trend of looking for well-known brands. As such, they will start betting on more economically advantageous offers. Another change in terms of consumption concerns the types of connections to be subscribed. According to the study, customers will leave out fixed broadband packages and start betting widely on offers wireless.

As far as companies are concerned, Wireless LAN will be set aside, which will have a negative impact on the sale of traditional boxes over the next year.

Finally, and to combat the effects of mass layoffs, it is believed that companies will start betting on the visualization of desktops as a form of equipment management.