Crisis delays universal broadband in the UK

Mobile Internet used by 2.1 million Portuguese

The United Kingdom had a plan. And a date to fulfill it: to bring broadband to all British citizens by 2012, guaranteeing a minimum connection of 2 Mbps to anyone who wants to enjoy access to the service.

Internet services are widespread in the country, reaching 99 percent of the population, but 11 percent of Britons are still unable to enjoy connections with a speed equal to or greater than 2 Mbps. The government plan aimed to change this situation, as reported by The Guardian.

It is now known that the measure will no longer be implemented, at least not soon. A member of the Government announced at a press conference that the initiative had an extended implementation period until 2015, when efforts to make broadband a universal service should be completed.

The postponement of the plan was justified by the lack of funds that, according to the executive, make 2015 a more realistic date to achieve the objective, which has an estimated cost of two billion pounds (2.4 billion euros).