Criminal record sharing channels European investment of 14 million euros

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The European Commission will allocate an investment of 14 million euros to the electronic sharing of criminal records, the European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security announced this afternoon in Lisbon.

Franco Frattini, who is also vice-president of the European Commission, revealed that the amount to be invested will be applied until 2008 and added that e-justice is an opportunity to modernize European justice systems.

The official, who opened the first two days of a European conference on e-Justice, underlined the openness of all EU justice ministers to the opening and interconnection of judicial systems and referred to the progress already made in the field of e-justice in the whole EU, writes Lusa, who advances the news.

One of the emblematic projects of the effort to digitize the justice services is the European Justice Portal, on which strategic decisions were taken in early July at a meeting also in Lisbon.

At that time, a group of European experts set priorities to put a prototype of the platform on the ground. The decision of the seven countries represented there, including Portugal, was that the Portal will start by allowing consultation between countries of companies’ insolvency records.

Alberto Costa, Minister of Justice, also referred today to this portal – which will have a local face in each country – considering it the «main instrument for promoting European integration in the area of ​​justice».

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