Criminal killed in attempted robbery at Apple store in Dallas (USA)

Criminal killed in attempted robbery at Apple store in Dallas (USA)

Since the regrettable wave of Apple store thefts in the United States started, it was basically inevitable that we got to that point – and here we are: a suspect was killed in an attempt to assault the Apple Knox Street, in Dallas (Texas).

According to NBCDFW, the action took place at 2:30 am on the last Tuesday (8/10). The assailant, who acted alone. he was armed with an assault rifle and wore a bulletproof vest; he broke into the store through the back door, which was open – a team was doing minor repairs to the store, and the passage was left free to facilitate the movement of workers.

The criminal tried to surrender and disarm a security guard who guarded the place, but was unsuccessful: the guard disarmed the assailant and fired multiple shots, hitting him. The man was then taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Apple Knox Street then spent Tuesday closed for investigations. Apple issued the following statement:

Our team is working closely with the Dallas authorities to investigate an incident at our store on Knox Street. At 2:30 am today, an armed man entered the store from the back while construction was underway; an altercation then occurred with a hired guard who protected the place. The loss of a life is a tragedy and we are relieved that no one else has been involved. Apple cares deeply about the safety of its employees and customers, and is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone who enters our stores.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is sad that the situation has reached this point – of course, it is an encouragement that no innocent people have died, but there remains the hope that the cases of violence will decrease from now on.

via The Loop