Crie2009 wants to be a public space of Web 2.0

Crie2009 wants to be a public space of Web 2.0

After a trial period of a few days, Crie2009 abandons the beta version and officially presents itself to the public as of this Tuesday, February 3rd.

The website was developed to publicize the initiatives organized in Portugal within the framework of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, marked in 2009, but the task force Portuguese coordinator of the project wanted to go beyond the institutional presence and create a real public space for discussion around the theme.

«Instead of a simple replication of the European website, we decided to bet on a website as an opportunity to fully use the tools that Web 2.0 provides us», said Rui Grilo, project manager, speaking to TeK.

In a new experience on public websites, Crie aggregates content published in blogs, tweets or social communities, whether text or image, automatically, when creativity and innovation are the theme.

Instead of waiting for submissions of articles and materials, those responsible for the site will search the Web for these contents, having defined the use of a label for global use – cria2009. «It is enough for the citizen to tag with its contents that have to do with the themes and our infobots will do the rest, compiling the multimedia information provided by society», explained on the portal.

«It is the first time that a public website in Portugal presents itself as a content aggregator», stressed Rui Grilo. According to the official, this was also a way of task force answer the challenge launched by the European Parliament with the Year of Creativity and Innovation.

The most institutional part of this portal is reserved for a column on the right, where all the initiatives planned for Portugal within the European year are presented. Here the list can be seen in the usual chronological way, but also searched – in the style of the new Internet – in tag cloud.

The central space of home page is usually reserved for the publication of articles and opinions by members of the task force and other government officials. Internet users are also invited to participate here, leaving their comments to posts.

According to Rui Grilo, the motto of the European Parliament was an «excellent excuse» to test «a new dynamic» in Portugal, reusing the tools that could later be transferred to other projects online Public Administration, suggests.

In a European year dedicated to creativity and innovation, the Crie2009 team emphasizes that the site is not a finished project, promising to add new features whenever they are confirmed as such in the new Web 2.0.

Patricia Calé