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Credit card codes for sale from 1.5 euros

تتلقى الشرطة والمدّعون تدريباً على الجرائم السيبرانية

A credit card code can cost from two to 90 dollars on the black market for cybercrime (from 1.49 to 67 euros), while bank account access data sells from 60 euros and can cost more than 500 when they are assigned with the guarantee that the account has a balance.

The information is part of a study carried out by Panda Security at an international level, cited by El País, which describes the proliferation of price wars among cybercrime mafias and also the increasing diversification of the business.

None of these resources, namely the malicious programs developed to access bank accounts, are usually used directly by those who create them. The deal is to sell these resources to third parties, with the intention of reducing the risk to the «initial links» in the criminal chain. Usually the offense is committed in a country other than the one where the «final blow» will take place.

The offers are made from the publication of messages in forums and online stores with reserved access, which require the identification and password of the «customers».

The product range is quite diverse. In addition to the codes – more expensive in Europe and Asia than in the United States – these «supermarkets» also sell fake physical credit cards, with prices starting at 134 euros, and duplicating machines that when used with real cards record the data of the same.

The most common use for counterfeit credit cards is to buy products, but as this entails high risks for the «customer, cybercriminals also offer to make the purchase and send it later to any address, so that the location of the true buyer becomes more difficult.