Creator of the virus for the Mariposa botnet arrested

Creator of the virus for the Mariposa botnet arrested

The alleged creator of the malicious code used in what is considered to be one of the largest computer networks was arrested zombie, Mariposa, report several international media.

After the dismantling of the botnet, in March, and the arrest of the three men who allegedly controlled the scheme, a new element is now added to the list: a 23-year-old Slovenian, known for nickname Iserdo, who will have developed the software that allowed the creation of the network.

The information is advanced by the Associated Press, based on statements from the FBI.

Other media, such as PC World, cite data from a Slovenian police spokesman, who promised further clarification for a press conference to be held on Friday.

The same source adds that the new suspect was detained in Maribor, Slovenia, about 10 days ago, having been interrogated and released, but that he should be formally charged with computer crimes.

In addition to the young man, two more suspects have been detained in the country as a result of a joint investigation by local authorities, the FBI and the Spanish police, which could still lead to some more international arrests, the authorities said.

The FBI spokesman described Iserdo’s arrest as an extremely important step in the investigation, which began in 2008 and is still ongoing.

According to the latest data, Mariposa reportedly included around 13 million infected computers, which were used to steal credit card data. In Portugal, 49,006 PCs were infected, making the country 38th in the ranking most affected.