Creator of the classic game Snake will release redesigned version for iPad

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Whoever was a user of those old Nokia cell phones has probably found himself several times amused by a simple but addictive game at the time: Snake, the snake game. In the iPhone world, several clones have already appeared in the App Store, but now the creators of the original version for mobile phones have decided to make their version for the new times and will launch it on May 14, next Thursday.

The principle of the game is the same, but with several elements and more modern stages, for the nostalgic to kill the nostalgia. Check out the video:

The original game was not created by Nokia, as it has existed since the late 1970s on the first personal computers. But the Finnish Taneli Armanto created the version for cell phones in 1997, which popularized the game worldwide and earned him prizes for his work. And he is also the one who brings it now to iOS.

THE Snake Rewind will be available from May 14th on the App Store.

via Engadget