Creativity on the loose in Codebits programming contest

Creativity on the loose in Codebits programming contest

The highlight of Codebits has already started, the programming contest that reserves 24 hours of time for the participants of the event organized by SAPO to challenge the presentation of creative and original ideas.

Before the contest officially started, more than forty teams had already been closed, bringing together the ideas and the «gray matter» of some of the more than 450 participants who joined this year at Cordoaria Nacional, in Lisbon.

The idea is to get teams to form, with 3 to 5 members, who have 24 hours to develop an idea «that doesn’t need to be technological but that must have some geekness«, explained José Castro, one of the event organizers.

At the disposal of the participants, PT placed fiber optic connections on all workstations, but also Android phones, two of the areas of great interest of the Telecommunications Group, as Luis Avelar, TMN Director, immediately pointed out at the opening.

After a day and a half with presentations on emerging technologies and programming, in more than 40 talks, it is now up to the participants to show what they are worth, developing a project that will be presented tomorrow from 4 pm.

Although the challenge is serious, there is also space for fun and leisure in the next 24 hours, with a presentation and lockpicking workshops, which teach how to open locks, hacking hardware workshops and a special concert by the Pornophonique.