Creative publishes list of products compatible with Windows Vista

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With the arrival of Windows Vista, manufacturers of digital entertainment products are forced to reformulate the supports offered so far, adapting them to the new needs imposed by the operating system. Creative has already announced which products are compatible with the new software, through dedicated or original controllers.

Among the offer of MP3 players, the company highlights the ZEN Vision devices: M, ZEN V Plus, ZEN V, ZEN Vision W, ZEN Vision, ZEN Nano Plus, ZEN MicroPhoto, ZEN Sleek Photo, ZEN Micro, ZEN Sleek, ZEN Xtra , ZEN Touch, MuVo2 and all versions of the MuVo line like those with Vista support. These devices are also compatible with Windows Media Player 11 or Creative MediaSource. For the standard version of the latter, Creative posted an update online, in order to make the systems compatible.

Regarding sound cards, the Sound Blaster X-Fi, Sound Blaster Audigy, Audigy 2, Audigy 2 ZS, Audigy 2 ZS Notebook, Audigy 4, Audigy SE, Audigy LS and Live! 24 bit already have new controllers, available for download online. In a statement, the company points out that «USB Sound Blaster suite, including Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit, MP3 +, Connect and Surround 5.1 will also be supported», while «Creative’s Xmod USB offers native support for Vista».

Since Windows Vista does not have multi-channel audio support through DirectX at the gaming level, the manufacturer developed Creative Alchemy. This application is free and converts DirectSound 3D and EAX into OpenAL connections, which allows players using X-Fi cards to enjoy with Vista the same multi-channel audio quality that they had with Windows XP.

Finally, with regard to webcams, Creative makes available on its website drivers for download that allow support for Live! Cam Voice, Live! Cam Video IM and IM Pro, Live! Cam Vista IM and Live! Cam Notebook Pro. A Live! Cam Optia offers native support for Vista.

It should be noted that earlier this month Apple alerted users to the existence of an incompatibility between Windows Vista and the store online iTunes. At the time, Steve Jobs’ company recommended that the new operating system not be used until some problems detected by the company were solved.

As a result of incompatibility, users may not be able to read the music or videos purchased from the digital store online and may experience difficulties with synchronizing contacts and the calendar.

Microsoft commented on the announcement by Apple, recalling the joint work with partners for system compatibility was a constant during the development processes of the new software. Among the manufacturers who worked with software house Apple is included and it is therefore surprising that there are compatibility problems.

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