Creation of anti-pedophilia filter analyzed by 11 European authorities

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Police authorities from eleven European Union countries – Norway, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Spain, as well as Europol – met in Madrid to discuss the necessary measures for the creation of a filter on the Internet that prevents pedophiles from accessing pages with child pornography, writes the edition online of the El Mundo newspaper.

The session discussed the experiences of each country in this sector. Norway, the country mentor of the project, called CIRCAMP, was the first to take the step in the implementation and application of a filter of the kind, which was followed by Denmark and Sweden. The three countries advanced in the meeting that the results obtained were positive and that, for this reason, they want to strengthen relations with other countries so that the filter can be implemented internationally.

For the execution of the project, the collaboration of the Internet providers of each country is necessary for them to commit themselves to avoid access to websites where child pornography is marketed.

The functioning of the filter is based on redirecting users who try to access child pornography pages, or with content of this nature, to alert pages, designed by the police, where Internet users are warned that the possession or distribution of sexual abuse images to minors is an illegal activity.

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