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Creation of a European information network on publicly quoted companies

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

A document on the creation of a European information network on listed companies is under public consultation until the end of March, which will allow investors to access relevant facts, reports and accounts and a set of other information on any listed company via the Internet. in European markets.

The document was prepared by the European Committee of Supervisory Authorities for European Securities Markets (CESR), a body that is also part of the CMVM and is part of an effort to promote greater transparency for the sector, as recommended by the Transparency, being transposed.

The public consultation serves to gather the opinion of market operators on the minimum quality standards to which national information storage systems must be subject and to choose between four alternatives for the interconnection of the various systems: central search engine; decentralized system; central list of issuers; or basic access.

The document can be consulted on the websites of the European organization or the Portuguese market regulator.

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