Creating and distributing hacks for online games can chain

Criar e distribuir hacks para jogos online pode dar cadeia

Creating and distributing Hacks can result in a chain in South Korea.

Playing online is extremely fun. Who never spent hours playing Counter Strike or other games multiplayer? But on any server and in any game there is always a group that spoils the game of others using fraudulent means to win the game at any cost, except their own skills. Nothing more disappointing than being in a match and a bullet comes over the other side of the map, crosses the wall and you are gone. The good news is that a first step towards curbing the use of software that creates advantages for the player who uses it at the expense of other gamers has been taken, at least in South Korea:

“The South Korean parliament passed an amendment to the law on the promotion of the gaming industry. Based on this law, manufacturing and distributing programs that are not permitted by the gaming company and its Terms of Service will now be directly illegal. This would include aimbotters, hacking programs, scripts, or anything not permitted by the terms of service. ” – PvPLive

The penalty? Up to five years in prison or $ 43,000 in fines.

According to the PCGamer website, where this unusual and unprecedented news was also published, the law is not specifically aimed at e-sports, although it is quite obvious that it is one of the major reasons for the measure being taken. However, the author of the article did not think the law was a good idea:

Still, I don’t see how anyone could consider this a good idea. We cannot properly judge without a full translation of the law, but criminalize the creation of deceptive software, rather than profiting in some specific way through of deception, potentially leads to all kinds of unintended consequences. It also opens the door for abuse on the developer’s side of the equation. If anything that violates a game’s TOS is against the law, aren’t developers encouraged to load these terms with restrictive language? Modding of any kind, regardless of intention or result, could suddenly be banned, under the penalties of the law. ”

Gamasutra, on the other hand, believes that the measure will make it easier for competitive game creators to curb software that gives an unfair advantage in online games, just remember that some players are concerned that mods non-malicious could be caught in the middle of the crossfire.

And you, what do you think?

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