Create your own stickers for WhatsApp with this iPhone app!

It hasn't been a month since Whatsapp belatedly debuted the stickers (or stickers, or stickers) in his messenger something that is impossible not to mention, the competitor Telegram was already a few years ago (?).

Not only did they take time to implement, but they also did it in a somewhat confusing, not very intuitive way. And a lot of people were wondering how to create their own stickers, which until recently was only possible in the Android world. Today, through a reader tip Jailson Carlos, we hear about an iPhone solution:

WSTicK app icon

Do not be scared: yes, the app was created by a Chinese and the screenshots are like this, but it works in English and is not complicated to use.

In addition to managing all your packages of stickers and send them to WhatsApp with one tap, the coolest you can create your own. By tapping the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner, you define an icon for the package, identifier, name and author, only select at least 3 and at most 15 photos to buy the set.

The cool thing, of course, is to have the stickers cut out on a transparent background so prepare them before importing into WSTicK, either using an image editor on your own iPhone or Mac / PC and then transferring them in PNG format to the smartphone. D to create really cool stuff! 😛

WSTicK is free to download and use, but anyone who wants to can make an internal purchase of $ 3.90 to remove ads and get more images per package.