Create your own multimedia center with LibreELEC


Nowadays smart TVs are present in several Brazilian homes, however, not all have a device with such functionality, in these cases LibreELEC can be an alternative.

THE LibreELEC is a fork of the OpenELEC project, focused on system development and stability, this Linux distribution is intended to facilitate use on computers focused on media center systems.

Using the famous Kodi (media center software) as an interface, LibreELEC also provides options for PLex Embedded, Lakka and several IoT projects. Known to be a “Just enough OS” Linux distribution for Kodi (JeOS just enough), JeOS can run on x86 architecturesdevices Raspberry Picomputers ODroid and WeTek, being a great choice in creating a complete media center, replacing the function of a smart tv.


New version with news

Released on the day February 2 nd, The LibreELEC 9 integrates Kodi 18.0 and tracks improvements from Kodi 18.0 and JeOS ‘own. Some features present in LibreELEC 9 are:

  • DRM support, allowing the transmission of unofficial content from services such as Amazon and Netflix;
  • Retroplayer, function that makes it possible to run retro games via emulation;
  • Changeable SSH passwords;
  • Iptables firewall as standard;
  • Add-on updates (Kodi add-ons) in the system’s own menu;
  • Boot in safe mode, if there are errors when starting Kodi;
  • Increased support for DVB Drivers (it is a set of open standards for digital TV);
  • Alpha support for Rockchip (some TVs, tablets and media center devices use these semiconductors);
  • And new devices supported.

libreelec-jeos - media-center-module-driver

Some of these new supported devices:

  • Amlogic
  • Khadas VIM (1) – clean installation is required if using images from the current community.
  • Free Computer LePotato.
  • Rockchip
  • 96 ROCK960 padlocks;
  • ASUS Tinker board;
  • Firefly ROC-RK3328-CC;
  • Khadas Edge;
  • PINE64 ROCK64;
  • PINE64 RockPro64;
  • Popcorn Hour RockBox;
  • Popcorn transformer;
  • Radxa ROCK Pi 4;
  • Rockchip Sapphire Board;
  • Mqmaker MiQi.

And many more devices …

RetroPlayer, play your retro games right on Kodi

Now with the possibility to run games via “Colors”Of emulation, similar to the“ emulator aggregator ” RetroArch, Kodi 18 brings initial support to various nostalgic console games such as: Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Game Boy and more.


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