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Create your Apple Music 2018 retrospective with this shortcut

One of the coolest things about Spotify the tool Wrapped, released every year so that users get an overview of their favorite music from the last 365 days, with the most listened to styles and artists, trends, favorite songs and playlists personalized. O Apple musicAt least officially, it doesn't have the same thing, but someone decided to take the challenge for themselves.

Federico Viticci of MacStories, recently shared your shortcut Apple Music Wrapped, which uses iOS's own permissions to the Shortcuts app to create a special, open Safari page (with custom CSS and all!) that shows exactly your most listened to music, favorite artists and styles, an art with your nine most listened albums, time statistics of the songs heard and, if you wish, a playlist with the 100 songs most listened to over the last year. It is still possible to generate a PDF with all the data!

His installation is simple, just by adding him to his list in the Shortcuts app and making a brief setup, telling you how many songs he should analyze and the year of analysis by default, are 100 songs during the year 2018, but you can look back over previous years referring to a larger set of songs.

Remember that statistics take into account only music saved in your library; If you have obsessively listened to a song throughout 2018 but have played it every time, say, by searching, it will not appear in the count. Limitations, Limitations

The shortcut created by Viticci can be downloaded here and in this article you can read all the challenges and limitations that the developer went through to finish the project, classified by himself as the most complex shortcut ever created by him.

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Version 2.2.2 (142.8 MB) Requires the iOS 12.0 or superior