Create playlists, customize and more tips for iPhone Music

Create playlists, customize and more tips for iPhone Music

Music has always been very strong at Apple, so much so that its first success was the iPod Classic, and continues today, now on the iPhone. The native application Music, it’s the iTunes they are “nail and flesh” and work in full harmony with iCloud, iTunes Match on the iPhone with iOS 7.

In this article I will give you some tips for using the native Music application on your iPhone. Basic tips, but that will give fluidity in the use of your iPhone. To use these tips you just need an iPhone with some music on it. Let’s get the tips.

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Create music list directly on your iPhone

You can create lists with your favorite music styles, gym songs. To do this is very easy. Open your app Music on iOS 7, and you will see this screen:

Create music list directly on your iPhone

Touch the tab Lists, then on “+”Above. You will now see the screen with the songs, touch them and you’re done. After choosing all, click on the “OK”On top of the screen and you’re done. Go back to the list tab, it will be there.

If you want to edit the list, open it and then tap “To edit“, After finishing, touch“OK» again.

Organize the display tabs

Few people know, but there are more tabs in the Music app, but they are hidden. Touch More“, And you will see these images:

organize-tabs-music-iphone-Organize the display tabs

In the first image you see the other existing tabs, which are Genres, Collections and Composers. When you touch edit, you can replace the standard tabs with the tabs I talked about earlier. To do this, just touch one and drag it to the one you want to replace, as well as the second image. So you adjust it the way you want it.

Activate Coverflow


Did you like this way of showing the albums and singers? Just turn your iPhone on its side with the music app open and ready, the covers will appear automatically, so just scroll to one side or the other and enjoy.

More tips

Now some more cool tips.

Control songs in the control center

On the locked screen or anywhere, open the control center (swipe from bottom to top on the iPhone). You will see the option to control the songs, play, pause and rewind.

Control music on the locked screen

On the locked screen, touch 2x Home button and see that a controller will appear on the screen. Cool, huh?

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Final considerations

I hope that with these tips you can make better use of your iPhone’s music application. Share and answer your questions in the comments.