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Create personalized videos and make your online projects even more appealing with Biteable

Be it a small animation or an elaborate video, audiovisual content can help to brighten up any online project. Biteable is an online platform created thinking of those who are still taking their first steps in the world of video editing, but want to create appealing and professional-looking content.

Biteable asserts itself as a platform where users can create masterpieces in minutes. The website features a wide range of video templates that can be customized taking into account the objectives of the project in hand: from trailers for YouTube channels to interactive portfolios, as well as presentations and advertisements for social networks.

To start giving creativity to Biteable you first need to create an account. From there, you only need to choose the model that best suits your needs and fill it with text or images. You can also choose a color scheme or add music from the platform's sound library even before downloading the video or sharing it.

The platform has two modes: Lite, a simpler free version, and Pro, with several paid modes. For those who take content production seriously, the second mode has more advanced features and access to premium content, such as a free video library.