Create lists of movies and series you want to watch with the Sofa app

App Sofa

We have already talked about a good application for you to control exactly where you are in a certain series, as well as cataloging the films you have watched.

On the other hand, it is always good to have an app dedicated to the other extreme: to mark what you would still like to watch.

Services like Apple TV +, Netflix and the company have tools for you to list what you want to see, but what if you want to catalog all these productions in one place? So the idea of ​​an app makes sense, and the Couch it is a good option.

Sofa: Downtime Organizer app icon

One of his differentials is that the app is not limited to TV series or movies.

You can create lists of books, podcasts (the MacMagazine On Air, for example, is there), music albums and games! To make everything more organized, there is the option to create sections for your lists, leaving the items divided according to your desire.

In addition to creating lists of what you want to watch / listen to / read / play, it is also possible (as in TV Time) to mark what you have seen / heard / read / played; you can follow all this activity in a very simple way, since everything is recorded in «Activity».

Depending on the content you add to a list (a movie, for example), there are details like the release date, synopsis and more.

The app also has three theme options (classic, dark and black) – you can synchronize the theme with iOS 13 Dark Mode – and there is the possibility to export everything in Markdown or CSV.

And it ends there.

There is no profusion of resources – and that, in my view, is exactly what makes Sofa a nice app.

The annoying part is that it (for now?) Doesn’t have support for our language, so if you don’t speak English you may suffer a little to use it – although, in the case of these applications, it is often only possible to find the content you want looking for the name in English.

via MacStories