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Create habits to better organize your life with the Tangerine app!

Create habits to better organize your life with the Tangerine app!

We are in a new year, and many people are taking advantage of this change to create new resolutions. Whatever your goal in 2020, it is essential to have a short, medium and / or long term schedule – after all, we all have commitments.

Thinking precisely about our personal organization, Brazilian developers Pedro Marques and Raphael Cruzeiro (creators of the Duomov app) launched a new app called Tangerine. With a focus on creating habits, it goes beyond other apps in this category and offers a complete and even more immersive experience!

Tangerine app icon

In that sense, Tangerine not only allows you to create tasks (or habits), but also allows you to share how you are feeling. More than that, you can use it as a digital diary to reflect on your day, helping you to put “everything out”, as Pedro points out:

At the end of the day, we don’t just want to help you be more productive, but also more conscious and reflective of your life.

Tangerine app habits

The app also has a built-in calendar that displays your mood statistics for the past few days (or months), in addition to insights in-depth on how they varied over time.

Tangerine app statistics

To access all the statistics resources and create as many habits as you want, you need to subscribe to the service in any of the available options: monthly (R $ 20.90) or annual (R $ 124.90).

Tell us below what you think of the app! ?