Create groups of Apps on the Unity bar on Ubuntu with LauncherFolders


Although the Unity bar works very well with several applications, you may want to group them, just as you do on Android or iOS, see how to do it using the versatile application, LauncherFolders.

This program is very versatile and has several options that you can use to create groups of applications. But before we talk more about it, the first step is to install it on your Ubuntu with Unity. To do this, access the official website and download the .deb package from there, install it with two clicks.

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Once installed, you will find the «Unity Launchers Folders» application on the Unity Dash, by opening it you will have access to the creation and manipulation of your «drawers» of Apps and shortcuts.

Unity Folders

You can click on the “plus” button to create the folders, then just drag the menu icons onto it, choosing the name you want. There is also the possibility for you to create shortcuts with system folders and even links to Google Chrome and Firefox websites, just drag the shortcuts to the program window.

It’s a very effective tool, isn’t it? Do the test.

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