Create custom color palettes with the Pastel app for iPhones / iPads and soon for Macs

App Pastel

Many professions in the digital environment, such as designers and developers, constantly deal with an infinity of colors. In this sense, it can be a complicated task to memorize or even save each one – especially when there are several projects being developed at the same time.

Thinking about it, the developer Steve Troughton-Smith created the Pastry, a new application available for iPhones and iPads that allows you to create and save custom color palettes with advanced tools.

With the app, you can store collections of color palettes and individual shades that you want to save as a reference. It also takes advantage of features like drag / drop and contextual menus to work with other creative software.

Pastel App on iPad

On the iPad, the app has a layout divided into three columns; on the iPhone, there are three separate screens. On the left, there is a menu with saved color palettes, which can be viewed by frames or list; the middle column is where you open and interact with the saved palettes; in the screen on the right, several color selection tools are offered.

Pastel App on iPhone

Pastel also provides color combinations based on existing images, as well as the option to “scan” the colors of the real world using the device’s camera. You can explore new colors or find them by hexadecimal code, which is also available for all saved colors – for laymen, hexadecimal codes identify specific colors used, for example, by developers in programming interface elements.

With a bold design and support for the latest iOS / iPadOS features, Pastel is a great utility that matches the growing range of creative tools for mobile devices. In addition, the app will also be available soon for Macs – compatible, even, with the Universal Purchases feature.

Pastel app icon

via 9to5Mac