Create custom application groups in Gnome with Meow


Meow is a new menu editor available for Linux distributions that use Gnome Shell, and between us, it solves one of the interface problems that I have always pointed out. One of the most interesting things about Gnome in my opinion is the way it groups programs in the menu, very reminiscent of Android and iOS, but it is not possible to create your own groupings or modify existing ones, at least not so easily before Meow.

Applications to edit the system menu exist «since always», but Meow is new and has this differential, being able to adjust the groupings of programs, thus allowing you to organize your collection of applications in the way you see fit to make yours more productive day by day.

Organize Apps with Meow

Through Meow you can easily create groups of applications and name them as you like, adding and removing the applications you want. The program also has a practical search option so that you can quickly find the program you want to add to a group.

The Meow is on GitHub with installation instructions and packages for Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora, so you can install easily.

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