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Create and edit your website right on the iPad, with Diet Coda

Blog do iPhone

Whoever works with web design still depends on a computer always close to manage their websites. As much as mobile devices today are full of features, we need several different tools to be able to edit and create websites on the iPad, and yet some useful resources are still lacking in emergencies. THE Diet Coda tries to supply a large part of these needs.

Panic’s Coda program is already well known in the Mac world. It is a cluster of utilities for building websites, allowing you to create, edit and manage all files directly on the server. Now, the company decided to launch the same proposal in iPad version.

The application still has a lot to evolve, but it has had some interesting features since its birth. It allows you to connect to your website’s servers via FTP / SFTP and via the SSL terminal, opening up a range of possibilities for professionals in the field.

FTP access allows you to edit text files, with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP syntax interpreter (more formats will be supported in the future). You can also memorize code clips to use when you need them, which is very useful for those who have to constantly edit sits or even create them from wherever they are.

The search function within files is very good, making it easy to replace words.

It is capable of offering many functions of an FTP client (like changing permissions, for example), but it does not allow downloading files from the server to the iPad, which would be very useful in cases of backups occasional. But I believe that this will be added over time.

It has built in the great Prompt, Panic application that allows access to the server via SSL (terminal). Bad for those who already had the app, but practical for those who are going to adopt Diet Coda as an editing tool, because everything is in one app.

Those who are already users of Coda 2 for Mac, can also use the iPad as a second monitor to preview the sites you are editing.

As stated at the beginning of this article, there is still a lot to improve on the app (we here continue to have to use an external FTP app to download the backups from the Blog), but to “break a stick” in emergencies, Diet Coda can do.

The application can be found on the App Store (link) for the price of $ 19.99. But to celebrate the launch, it will be 50% off for 24 hours. So hurry up to try to guarantee the price of $ 9.99. ?