Create an event in the Calendar with automatic date detection in emails

A novelty that came in the iOS 4 and what we haven’t talked about yet is the detection of close dates in email messages. When someone sends us a sentence with a day of the week accompanied by a time, the system detects it as an event and automatically underlines it. When you touch it, you can add it to your device’s Calendar.

When you touch it, the option appears Create event.

The system then adds an event to the calendar for the next day of the week cited (in our example, Saturday), at a stipulated time (in this case, in the morning), which can be changed according to the user’s needs.

For the link to work, it must be in the date / time format, which can be numeric or relative, such as the day of the week and the day shift. Check out some examples of what works and what doesn’t:

This is another one of those subtleties of the iOS system that end up making our lives easier. ?

tip from Marcus Vidon