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Create a history of your heart rate with this app

The application Heart analyzer has received a major update that brings a new interface, performance enhancements and other features to both iPhone as for the Apple watch. For those unfamiliar with it, this app lets you create a history of your heart rate from Apple Watch measurements.

Heart analyzer

In version 6, Heart Analyzer has been completely rewritten in the Swift language, its interface is faster and more intuitive and has detailed statistics. The app now summarizes the heart rate history of the past three years in complete graphs and statistics, including the minimum, average and maximum heart rate even during rest.

In Apple Watch, the app immediately opens your heart rate history during the last night or that day. In addition, customizable complications can be added to the watch dial so that the latest measurement is easily accessed.

As we said, Heart Analyzer requires an Apple Watch to track heart rate and heart rate information. Although apps Activity (from watchOS) and Health (iOS) offer similar functions, they do not analyze or display additional details of these measurements.

According to the developer, all data collected by Heart Analyzer remains in the app only. This information is deleted as soon as the app is uninstalled, so it is not saved elsewhere. This way, the app never uses the internet, nor for data transfer.

Heart Analyzer app icon

Heart Analyzer is available for free from the App Store; however, to access data and analysis for more than two weeks, you will need to make an internal purchase of $ 7. In addition, another internal purchase, also worth $ 7, allows the customization of the application complication in Apple Watch.

via 9to5Mac