Create 360º “videos” even without a specific camera with the Pie app

The videos 360 are there, whether you like it or not. Because an application recently launched on the App Store wants to throw you head first in this world, whether or not you have a camera to capture these videos. His name? Pie!

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When creating an account using your Facebook login, you enter the app and discover that it follows four profiles (from the app's creators, which I didn't think was cool). Leaving this aside, the application is very “simple” and tries to replicate the look / feel of other social networks we know. There are five buttons at the bottom (to view your video timeline, search for users, create your own video / GIF, view your notifications and view / modify your profile).

You can see that this is a very new / raw project (even visually speaking), but what I found very interesting about Pie was the possibility of you creating 360 “videos” even without a specific camera for that. That is, using your smartphone.

I wrote “videos” in quotes because, in fact, they are not videos. They call it slice (slice, which is basically an animation that happens when moving the phone). What you have to do is basically shoot as if you were taking a panoramic photo, moving the iPhone in a sort of fictitious arc. To watch such slicesjust move the phone in the correct direction and the animation starts. You can also watch videos /slices simply by dragging your finger on the screen (gestures), in case you didn't want to move your iPhone sideways.

Whether the idea will catch on is difficult to say, but it is interesting to see these ideas being explored.

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