Create 20-second videos with music and lyrics synchronized using the Clip Video app

There are those who like to write big words, phrases or parts of a song in a very indiscreet way, say it in an image. If you like those too, you'll love the new musiXmatch app: o Clip Video.

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Clip is a fun new way to share your videos, with music and lyrics! Create beautiful videos with looping, your favorite soundtrack and share it with your friends and family!

The App Store is infested with social networks and video sharing applications, some more difficult to use, others with limits of just 6 seconds. O Clip Video simple how to give a play: choose a song from your library or the most played on the app's network, and get ready to make a video clip as you always wanted. When you press (and hold) the big record button, the music starts playing with the recording; release your finger and the music is interrupted, starting with your new ringtone.

Yes, in a Vine style, just with music and lyrics. But then, why an application? ā€œWe see Instagram and Vine more as distributors than competitors,ā€ said Max Ciociola, CEO of musiXmatch, to TechCrunch.

You will have 20 seconds to unleash your creativity, choosing the part of the music that best matches your moment, moving on to the personalization of the lyrics (which are incredibly synchronized with the music), deciding on the colors and one of the three fonts available for now.

The app was launched with the interface all in English, but for two points this item is perishable: in addition to being very intuitive and easy to use, we can also use Portuguese music (or 38 other languages) to make a video. This is possible thanks to the catalog of musiXmatch, which has more than 9 million letters. On a related note, an Android version will be available very soon.

Finally, your creation will go to Clip's social network, and then, optionally, to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even to the Camera Roll, where it can be sent to other applications as well.

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