Crazy Justice, Battle Roayle for Linux, will be released this August


Earlier this month we will be introduced to another game in the style Battle Royale, The Crazy Justice, which is very similar to the graphics of the already known and renowned games, such as Fortnite and Realm Royale. But what sets it apart from other games in the genre is the support for Linux.

According to information obtained by the website gameonlinux, The Crazy Justice will have four modes in total, two of which will be Free and two will be paid.

Paid modes will be the Co-Op and the mode Story (story). The modes Free will be the Battle Royale it’s the Skill Royale. The game will support 100 players in the same match in PvP mode.

On the developer page (Black Riddles Studio) at Steam, there is information that the launch will be this week but without needing the day. On the page we also find the minimum specifications to run the game.

To run the game, you will need an Intel Core i5 3220 3.3GHz / AMD FX-4350 processor or above, 2GB of RAM, Intel HD 4000 video card or above, broadband internet connection and 3GB of available space on the HD / SSD.

Me (Ricardo), I’m very excited (as the author of gameonlinux) and happy that a game of this genre is on Linux natively. And hoping that it works so that other games of the genre also have a penguin size. =)

But tell us in the comments how is your “hype”In relation to the game.

A big hug, see you next time.