Craig Barret leaves Intel

Craig Barret leaves Intel

Intel’s non-executive chairman will leave the company in May, after 35 years with the company. Craig Barrett joined Intel in 1974 and has since taken on several roles at the company, including CEO, between 1998 and 2005.

In recent years Craig Barrett has been linked to more altruistic projects, namely Intel’s bet on developing markets, whose most visible face is the World Ahead Program, an initiative to take IT to emerging economies.

The removal of the company will be made official and materialized at the annual meeting of shareholders of Intel, next May, in which Barrett leaves the active life and the positions of chairman and member of the executive board of the company.

Jane Shaw, who has been with Intel since 1993, will replace Craig Barrett on the company’s board of directors and non-executive chairman. Paul Otellini remains CEO and CEO.

The announcement of the departure of Craig Barrett was made by Intel itself, in a statement.