Crafty Lands, new PlayKids game, awakens children's building spirit

Every time the Playkids presents something new, we are keen to bring the news here to the site and not even because the group led by our esteemed colleague Breno Masi; It is the business that the people there really do well.

The latest stadium game on the runaway rule: Crafty Lands It is (literally) a fertile ground for children of all ages to unleash the imagination, exploring and building entire worlds with a colorful look, intuitive operation and playful tools.

Crafty Lands app icon

The idea behind the game gives children complete freedom: It is literally possible to fly through the available scenery, exploring worlds of buildings and interacting with characters and animals; With various blocks and elements, you can build houses, forts, castles, towns or entire cities to the limit.

Crafty Lands, following the tradition of PlayKids, totally free here, we don't even have in-app purchases. If you have a fertile-minded child at home (which is good, basically all of them), it's worth checking out.