Crafty Lands, new game from PlayKids, awakens the constructive spirit of children

Screenshot do app Crafty Lands

Every time the PlayKids presents something new, we make a point of bringing the novelty here to the site – and it’s not even because the group is led by our esteemed colleague Breno Masi; the thing is that the people there really do it too well.

The latest game from the studio is no exception: Crafty Lands it is (literally) a breeding ground for children of all ages to unleash their imaginations, exploring and building whole worlds with a colorful look, intuitive operation and playful tools.

Crafty Lands app icon

The idea behind the game is to give children total freedom: you can literally fly through the available scenarios, exploring worlds of buildings and interacting with characters and animals; with blocks and different elements, you can build houses, forts, castles, towns or entire cities – imagination is the limit.

Crafty Lands, following the tradition of PlayKids, is completely free – here, we don’t even have in-app purchases. If you have a child of fertile imagination at home (which includes… well, basically all of them), it is very worthwhile to check it out.