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Crackers claim to have taken the first step towards breaking Xbox’s anti-piracy system

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A group of crackers claims to have taken the first steps to break the copy protection system used by Microsoft on the Xbox 360. The group, which calls itself Team PI Coder, claims to have discovered the basic operating mechanisms of the company’s file system. console, information that allowed you to access the basic information to copy 13 games from the console.

Microsoft has already devalued the issue, ensuring that its console has several security mechanisms in place that will prevent the use of pirated games on the console. The company ensures that the hardware The system only runs Microsoft certified programs for the console, which means that the copied games will not be readable.

The information obtained by the group of crackers was disclosed on a Dutch piracy website where a program created by the group is also available that helps to extract the basic data of the games. This although the group itself admits that this information for now does not allow to do much. It should be noted that the group was unable to access the information on the games disc, but only copied the information that is loaded on the console when the user starts a game.

Even so, it is to be hoped that once this information is available to the hacker community, it will be worked on, becoming a more serious threat. quoted by BBC News. The group adds that it only published the information already found so that other hacking groups can work and find out what mechanisms Microsoft uses to protect itself from illegal copies.

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