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Cracker confesses to hacking into Apple IDs from famous US athletes and rappers

A cracker living in the state of Gergia confessed last Wednesday that he had hacked into the Apple IDs of several famous US professional athletes and rappers, including NBA and NFL players, which resulted in a loss of thousands of dollars for the victims.

According to the US Department of Justice, Kwamaine Jerell Ford (27) obtained the login credentials of these users from a large scheme of phishing which started in 2015. To get the access information for these Apple IDs, the cracker sent emails in which he impersonated an Apple support representative.

The report points out that Apple has received "hundreds" of unauthorized logins alerts from victims' accounts. After accessing them, Ford would change the password and recovery information for this credential, meaning that users could not recover their accounts without the help of a Apple employee.

The Department of Justice did not disclose the names of the sports and music celebrities who had their accounts stolen, but reports that Ford spent thousands of dollars on travel and travel expenses. FBI Special Agent Chris Hacker has argued that despite the notoriety of the victims, this can happen to anyone.

The high profile of the victims in this case is an example that, no matter who you are, crackers like Ford are trying to get your personal information. This demonstrates the need to exercise caution when protecting personal information and passwords, especially in response to suspicious emails. I hope this is a lesson for everyone, not just the victims of this case.

Ford admitted to participating in only two of the six crimes he was indicted in April last year. In addition to being charged with computer fraud and identity theft, he is also being tried for access device fraud and electronic fraud. The cracker sentence will be announced early in the second half of this year.

This is not the first case of celebrities who had their Apple IDs hacked after scams applied to Apple's devices. In 2014, at least four crackers infiltrated the accounts of a number of famous people, such as actresses. Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunstin the case known as Celebgate. Last August, the final sentence of these criminals was released.

via AppleInsider