CPLP define action plan to promote Portuguese as a technological language

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As part of the celebrations of the 10 years of CPLP – Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, a ministerial meeting was held today in Lisbon that brought together representatives of the various Portuguese speaking countries in order to discuss industrial property issues and adopt a common strategy cooperation that allows concerted action to affirm and enhance the Portuguese language as a technological language.

Organized by the National Institute of Industrial Property in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the meeting was subordinated to the theme «the Portuguese language as a language of economic and technological support, within the scope of the Knowledge and Information Society».

This portal, which will be created in the near future, will have the largest base of Industrial Property Rights in Portuguese in the world, guarantee those responsible, and will also serve to provide a search and offer of cooperation initiatives.

This resulted in the signing of a formal declaration that translates into an action plan for the joint development of projects that strengthen CPLP’s capacity to respond to the challenges of globalization. For now, the group has aligned six areas of action that include the creation of a Portuguese speaking portal, assistance with legislative work, studies, training, modernization of infrastructures in Portuguese-speaking countries and coordination actions.

The creation of the Lusophone portal will be one of the first projects to be completed with the launch scheduled for December this year. This portal will progressively integrate 200,000 patent documents from different countries. First Portugal and Brazil advance and later the remaining countries, which are still digitizing this type of information. The portal will also have a number of other features, such as a search grant and the offer of cooperation initiatives.

Among the other planned initiatives, is assistance to legislative work, which provides for the assistance of the most advanced countries to those with more embryonic registration and maintenance systems for industrial property. Progress in this area will be evaluated in periodic studies and in coordination actions that will take place every two years. These meetings will serve to assess the fulfillment of the assumed goals and the use of Portuguese as a language of economic and technological support.

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) is the body responsible for the allocation of intellectual property rights in Portugal, operating under the tutelage of the Ministry of Economy.

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