CPI opens registration for Portuguese participation in CeBIT brokerage event

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As a member of the Innovation Relay Centers (IRC) network, the Portuguese Innovation Center (CPI) is once again promoting the participation of Portuguese companies and researchers in the Future Match, an event of brokerage which takes place every year, as part of the international technology fair CeBIT, in March

Registration for participation in the Future Match is now open and runs until the 13th of February. There are currently 10 companies registered, and this year’s numbers are expected to exceed last year’s participation figures, when 11 Portuguese companies participated, presenting 14 profiles, said Catarina Aroso Monteiro, from INESC Porto, one of the entities that constitutes the CPI, to TeK.

Considered one of the biggest events of brokerage In the world, the Future Match 2005 brought together a total of 581 companies from 29 European countries that presented 719 profiles describing technologies they offered or sought. Over the five days during which more than 500 bilateral meetings were held between these companies.

«The Portuguese participation in the Future Match is very good. IRC Portugal always brings a large number of companies and is always extremely careful so that the participation of its companies runs as smoothly as possible, always making sure that companies have correct access to their times and the place where your meetings will take place «, says Nancy Smith, responsible for the organization of the event, mentioned in a press release sent by CPI.

In addition to the CeBIT contact exchange, CPI will also promote the participation of Portuguese companies in the same event as part of the 3GSM World Congress, an exhibition scheduled to begin on February 13, and which will last for three more days, in Barcelona (see Related news).

Registration for the brokerage of 3GSM World are over and, exceeding CPI expectations, the event will be attended by 13 Portuguese companies, who contribute 25 profiles and a request for partnership to the catalog, Bibiana Dantas, from Agência de Inovação, told TeK . Therefore, more than 100 meetings are anticipated for Portugal. «We are very pleased that we have exceeded our participation objectives. It is now important that this results in business agreements,» said Bibiana Dantas.

In general, the Barcelona contact exchange will present a catalog with 285 offers, from 212 companies and registered researchers, from different countries.

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